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, britain's ambassador to the united states am. >> plus, monday join us live from london. we'll take the show on the road with secretary kerry. that's monday at 1:00 eastern only on andrea mitchell reports. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] what's the point of an epa estimated 42 miles per gallon if the miles aren't interesting? the lexus ct hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. [ angry gibberish ] [ justin ] mulligan sir. mulligan. take a mulligan. i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] truth is, a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ angry gibberish ] [ fake coughs ] sorry that was my fault sir. [ male announcer ] alka seltzer plus severe sinus. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] try alka seltzer plus severe sinus day and night for complete relief from your worst sinus symptoms. riding the dog like it's a small horse is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily tho
are live in london as secretary of state john kerry kicks off his first overseas trip, but his debut on the world stage is already facing a challenge over how to deal with syria. as rebel leaders threaten to boycott a key meeting this week in rome. >> mr. secretary, why should the syrian opposition leaders want to meet in rome or at other international meetings given the fact that they have not gotten the help they've sought? >> they should come and meet because, in fact, countries have been helping them and because we are precisely meeting to determine how to help president assad change the calculation on the ground. >> and with only four days before automatic budget cuts, the sequester, the new secretary of state tries to reassure u.s. embassy employees. >> i will do everything in my power to go to capitol hill and persuade my colleagues of the vitality, criticality of everything we're doing here. >> in washington president obama is increasing the pressure speaking just now to the nation's governors. >> here's the thing. these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off
more than 100 points. for more, let's check in with karen cho. she's love in london for us. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investors are seen this market, this time, the fed suggesting that some of the board members have concerns about the qe purchases taking place. the minutes suggested that some of the members may want that program tapered off before then. also watching heinz shares as well today after the fbi launched its own investigation into illegal trades around heinz. $1.7 million was made from some sort of inside knowledge of this takeaway. and there's been so many deals out there. "new york times" may be the latest to throw its hat in the ring with the possible sale of boston globe. a price tag, how much is this business worth? $150 moll to $175 million cash flow. keep in mind, the "new york times" purchased this company for $1.5 billion. so a significant loss. >> a huge loss over two decades. karen tso in london, thank you very much. we appreciate it. >>> as always let us know why you're awake. tweet me if you like, at peter alexander. >>> still ahead -- "way
largest economy. we'll get a live report from london. first, a stand off from washington. $85 billion in spending cuts on friday. sound familiar? president obama and republicans have plenty to say. still just not saying it to each other. despite this so-called crisis, the two sides haven't spoken directly this week and have yet to meet face-to-face this calendar year. they plan to push the plans. john boehner rules autothe possibility of new taxes. >> i stand by those commitments to make the reforms for smart spending cuts. but we also need republicans to adopt the same approach to tax reform that speaker boehner championed two months ago. >> the president says we have to have another tax increase to avoid the sequester. well, mr. president, you got your tax increase. it's time to cut spending here in washington. instead of using our military men and women as campaign props, the president was serious, he would sit down with harry reid and begin to address our problems. >> the president will be in newport news today to discuss the local economy, particularly military spending. the pres
competitors in south africa before the london games, i was at that house where this horrible incident happened. it's a gated community. it's a beautiful home, oscar did keep guns there, and they were in his bedroom. i didn't see the guns, but i know he had them there, and he sleeps without legs, he sleeps without his prosthetics. there is a high crime rate as that last gentleman was talking about. it's a big fear in that country, but tamron, that this guy could be capable of such a thing is un -- it's unbelievable to me because, i mean oscar seemed for a 26-year-old to pulled together, so aware of his personal power. so cog ani personal power. so cog anzant that he was representing a whole group of people. the guy that i got to know in south africa, is so different from this god awful tragedy. it's a little bit hard for me still to comprehend it. >> absolutely, i feel the same way, i woke up and saw the news and just thinking about london and the energy around him, in "time" magazine, one of the world's 100 most influential people. and that's not just due to the fact that he was able to overco
to the situation. instead kerry insist odd a ten-day trip that starts in london. that raised a few eyebrows, says one state department adviser about kerry's decision. in london yesterday kerry poured on his trademark diplomatic harm to show that the special relationship was alive and well. >> it's no accident for sure that this is the first stop on my trip as secretary of state. i came here many, many years ago as a young child, managed to get lost in london zoo. i want to thank somebody for find meg. >> his diplomatic chops were put to the test when he had to privately promise syrian opposition leaders more nonmilitary aid to end their threatened boycott of an international friends of syria meeting. kerry will attend that in rome later this week in london the secretary said the u.s. was examining its options. >> this moment is ripe for us to be considering what more we can do. we are determined that the syrian opposition is not going to be dangling in the wind, wondering where the support is or if it's coming, and we are determined to change the calculation on the ground for president assad. >>
taken into custody. nbc's reporter is live for us in london. a crazy story overnight. what is the latest? >> yeah, good morning, bill. south african police say they received a call early this morning after reports that there had been a shooting at the home of oscar pistorius. they found paramedics trying to revive a woman. she died at the scene. it's believed that woman is oscar pistorius' girlfriend, the model. tributes have started coming in for her and her publicist described it as a huge loss. there is still lots of uncertainty about this. some speculation that pistorius shot his girlfriend after mistaking her for an intruder. perhaps she had been trying to surprise him for valentine's day. just yesterday she wrote on twitter what do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? police say they found a nine millimeter pistol at pistorius' home. and pistorius in the past has spoken about keeping guns in his house. they have the highest rates of violent crime. many homeowners do keep weapons to defend themselves against intruders. >> that would be an amazing case of mistaken identity
at cnbc, steve sedgwick live in london. >> they're going to meet the administrator over at the faa. the solution could be increasing the space between these lithium ion cell batteries. we haven't got any confirmation that's part of the solution. as you say, hopefully they would be back in the air by april if they convince the faa and the transportation secretary that this is going to solve the concern about these combustible batteries, so to speak. it's cost them a lot of money. for instance, they've already had to pay money for lost revenues. it's cost them $200 million a month in lost revenue from sales of dreamliners. it's a huge problem. hopefully they have a solution. >> listen, let's talk about stuff that's more fun for people as they're getting up here. tech news. google getting into the touchscreen computer business. apple, i mean, reading about what this new product might be actually gets me excited about wearing something on my wrist for a change. >> yeah, brian, i can see it's all very buck rogers, having a computer that's a bracelet, that's a watch. it is very exciting.
of the stars of the london olympics shoots and kills his famous girlfriend in the middle of the night. emmy award-winning broadcaster mary carillo will join us for this story. don't forget you can listen to my radio show on sirius xm radio channel 127 monday through friday noon to 3:00 p.m. share your thoughts with us on facebook and on twitter using the #edshow. we're coming right back. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪ >>> welcome back to "the ed show." big story tonight. there is a big pot of money outside of the united states. and it will help reduce the deficit. now, we've all heard about it. we've got to find revenue streams to come in. well, let's do this. two simple words. tax evasion. today the united states signed a major agreement with switzerland to crack down on ta
. more important news here. nobody is sequestered anymore at dulles airport or in london. andrea mitchell literally just got back from flying in. are your arms tired? traveling with second kerry. she comes in, and you are going to be going back out with secretary kerry, but this is his first big trip. you were there at the start, and let's get right to the news. he met with his russian counterpart, and some potentially big news coming having to do with syria. >> well, first of all, he met with lavrov for quite a long time. we're told they discussed all their issues, which are syria, principalically, and also iran because there are talks today in kazakhstan with the western powers and iran for the first time in six months. >> although nobody expects much out of it until after the iranian elections, but there seems to be more wiggle room. the red line pushed back a little farther, according to the very technical details in that u.n. weapons inspectors report last week. >> what kerry hinted at in our meetings in london in our news conference was that there could be a change of policy afoot.
the london mall is a bad indication that something bad is going to go down. >>> usps deals with its deficit. it's adding another business to its portfolio, apparel. a new clothing line, the rain, heat and snow brand, including cutting-edge technology. to be sold in specialty stores. we went digging through the "way too early" this morning. the change in the uniform over the years. here's a professional video that our "way too early" crew is pitching for the rain, heat and snow wear. >> used to be a postman, on every street in america. wore uniforms and hats. just like this one. getting a letter made you feel like you were part of something bigger than yourself. i don't think we ever really understood what they meant to us. until they were gone. >> for the tens of thousands of millions who didn't see that movie, it came out in 1987 starring kevin costner. >>> as always, let us know why you're awake right now. shoot us an e-mail or tweet me, by the way, at peter alexander. we'll read the best responses a little bit later in the show. >>> still ahead -- tiger woods opening up about his power p
old. by then he had already become one of the london's most important men of letters and possibly the world's greatest wit. but that didn't stop england from charging him with 25 counts of gross indecencies and conspiracies to commit gross indecencies when he was 40 years old. the prosecution called young male witnesses to testify about the criminal sexual behavior oscar wilde engaged in when homosexual sex was a crime in england and most of the world. during the trial, the prosecutor read a poem by lord alfred douglas that wilde said he admired and asked wilde to interpret one of the lines of the poem. the prosecutor's question was, quote, what is the love that dare not speak its name? oscar wilde gave a long answer at the end of which the court transcript indicates, loud applause mingled with some hiss. the sex crime defendant facing ruination as he sat in the witness stand answered the question this way. the love that dare not speak its name in this century is such a great affection of an elder for a younger man, such a plato made the very basis of his philosophy and in michela
's top diplomat. before leaving in london, the secretary discussed the civil war in syria. kerry urging the opposition leader to reconsider and attend an upcoming meeting on the crisis. >> i want our friends in the syrian opposition council to know that we are not coming to rome simply to talk. we are coming to rome to make a decision about next steps and perhaps even other options that may or may not be discussed further after that. >> annabelle, what was the reaction to kerry urging the syrian opposition leaders to attend the upcoming meeting? >> well, as you know, we haven't had a response but as you know that old expression, all roads lead to hoem rome, i think on this trip for secretary kerry is true. the center piece is the talks in rome on thursday and attended by the head of the opposition syrian national coalition. currently threatening to boycott them. we'll see how he responds to that call from secretary kerry. he insisted this morning here in london at that the meeting in rome is not just another talking shop and hopes that will convince opposition to attend and he says ther
london games. and now according to the associated press and some other sources has been charged with the murder of his 30-year-old girlfriend. she's a model. she was found shot to death at the south african home of oscar pistorius, the double amputee olympic sprinter who's known as the blade runner. the name of the suspected shooter has not been revealed, but a 26-year-old man, a man the same age as pistorius, has been taken into custody. a court hearing is set for later today. so we're still getting information about what happened. >> yeah. >> some people are suggesting he mistook her for an intruder. others are saying that may just be what he told the police when they walked in and found the scene. you can't overstate how shocking this is. he's not just your average runner. he's an international icon, an inspiration to a lot of people. >> yeah. >> he came out. he had won gold in a lot of paralip pipar paralymp paralympics. he was already a hero for that. then to qualify for the olympics in loss done was historic. he ran in the 4x400. >> you were in london. this was the story.
with the very latest from london and good day to you, annabelle. new numbers on how big this was and the kind of damage it did. pretty outstanding. >> reporter: that's right, alex. good morning. a big cleanup going on in chelybinsk. the shock wave blew out windows in more than 4,000 buildings. this is a really cold area. local officials promised they will get all the windows fixed within a week. that's a long time to wait when your midday temperature there is about 10 fahrenheit. so lots of people out there today, busy blocking up the windows and the glazers will be extremely busy the next few days. 1,200 people injured, 200 children. 15 remain in the hospital, 1 in a coma. most injuries caused by flying, breaking glass as you can see in the pictures. what happened, the meteor flew across the sky, everybody saw the strange light, ran to the windows and, boom, all the windows -- the huge blast and the glass shattered in those winos across this area. there were also reports that a chunk had fallen into a lake, a chunk of the meteor. divers are busy looking for the large chunk under this ice-cru
pictures of secretary of state john kerry and his british counterpart speaking in london. talking about the future of syria and iran right now. this is kerry's first stop, london that is, on an 11-day, nine-country overseas trip, his first one as secretary of state. he's also making stops in berlin, paris, rome, arrange kara, cairo, riyadh, abu dhabi and doha. >>> up next, should fannie and freddie be finished. not one, but two former hud secretaries are here to talk about whether the government needs to get out of the mortgage business. >>> plus, as the pope prepares to step down this week, another stunning retirement announcement. but first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. governors still in town. we're going to hear a lot probably from capitol hill today. all about sequestration. you are watching t"the daily rundow rundown", only on msnbc. ♪ none of us think bad things are gonna happen to us. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. an artery in your heart, it's called the widow maker. and mine was 95% blocked. they
and chill today in london smiling for the cameras on her way to london's hope house, a center for women and one of many charities that catherine supports. the new addition to the right family is due in july. >>> and alan simpson and erskine bowles are back, again, as we say, with another ten-year debt reduction plan. this one including hundreds of billions of dollars and health care cuts down the road. will democrats, though, be able to swallow any of these medicare savings? florida congressman debbie wasserman-schultz chairs the national committee and joins me from sunny, florida. thank you, congressman wrosh good to see you. you have a lot of people who care about this in your district as well as, of course, across the country. let me just say a little bit of what -- >> we raise the retirement age on social security one year, 40 years from now, and one more year, 65 years from now. that was to give people a chance to get ready, but even at that -- >> say that again. say that again. >> we raise it one year 40 years from now -- >> 40 years from now. >> one more year 65 years from now, a
-old victim was his girlfriend and then he may have mistaken her for a burglar. he made history at the london games last year when he became the first double amputee runner to compete on the track at the olympics. >> pope benedict has two weeks left as head of the roman catholic church. the 85-year-old pontiff celebrated his final public mass at the vatican. he was given a long standing ovation as he prepares to step down on february 28th, almost eight years after he took command as leader of more than $1.2 billion catholics. >>> you probably know it is valentine's day, you may not know that today is the 15th anniversary of b day, a movement to raise awareness about violence against women. one in three women on the planet will be victims of rape or violence in their lifetime. v day organizers ask folks around the world to dance to their song. break the chain in support of ending violence against those billion women. thousands are already rising up in manila today showing their support with their feet. and that's a good cause. now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled poli
as we get all up in your business this morning. karen cho is live in london. we saw a decline in the gdp. the markets dipped. what do you expect from today's jobs numbers? >> good morning, bill. yes, you have a very good point. there is enormous focus on the markets after that gdp print for the fourth quarter. the focus today is the market wants to see that u.s. jobs story is intact. we're seeing a lot of hiring by private employers. this is reflected in the adp report in the week. so we're wondering whether this trans spie tra transpires into the jobs report. this will primarily be focused in the private sector. in terms of the volatility, too strong a figure could affect the market. it could damage confidence about the recovery taking place. >> karen, also a report out, the justice department looking to sue to stop a blockbuster deal against two of the world's biggest beermakers, anheuser-busch, what is the deal with this story? >> the big companies are working on this strategy that bigger is better. and the world's largest company has been embarking on a $20 billion deal to take over
at the markets, my colleague in london, jeff cutmoor has more. >> good morning to you. this is fascinating. as you say, it would create a giant by traffic. 100,000 employees here, it's a $38.7 billion revenue company. if it comes off, we'll have to wait and watch. the word is we'll get an announcement on this american-us airways deal potentially next week. but already people are starting to put the numbers together and say well this would be huge if it comes true. google, very interesting. $40 billion a year revenue. a lot of that comes from the ad world system. they said we're going to start charging in the middle of 2013 people that use tablets and mobiles to get their messages across. that would be quite an interesting development in terms of bolstering their revenues going forward. just a couple stories to kick around in the business space. and we're a little mixed on the european story. generally there is a positive trading wuind. >> let's see if they can get revenue off the mobile. that's a big deal. of course, one of the big things with facebook. before you go, outgoing treasury sec
in london. steve, what exactly did david einhorn, who is he suing, what's going on here? >> basically, the point is apple wants to change its charter and ban a type of shares which would give a very high yield to investors. they want to preserve their cash pile, $137 billion, part of $500 billion plus held by the top 20 u.s. corporate. they want to hang on to the money, most of which is held offshore, which in brought back onshore into the united states could trigger hefty tax bills. apple wants to hang on to the money to use in other ways going forward. a lot of activist shareholders and hedge funds want a higher yield on their stock, especially considering the fact that stocks like apple are now trading as low as $468 a share. it's a very anxiety battle for the company and investors. >> steve, the merger talks, american airlines and us airways, where's it stand now? what's the implications for passengers? >> yeah, looks like this one's going ahead. it will create the largest domestic u.s. carrier, part of a process which has taken from us in 2001 to 10, 11 major carriers to four. de
, corruption from libor to the london whale to securitizing bad debt. the mythology of jamie dimon should be ripped apart. people should know the truth about jpmorgan. >> tonight we learn the banking industry recorded its highest earnings since before the financial crisis. wall street bonuses are also up, yet the middle class still feeling the pinch in this country in a big, big way. what is the solution? >> well, look, the solution is that since 1975, median family income has been flat. wages have been flat because we have permitted the tax burden to shift to the middle class and the poor, and we have exempted the wealthy. we have broken down union rules that permitted unions to organize. we have also had technology and globalization, two things we can't repeal and shouldn't repeal. but we need social policies that begin to help the middle class, which means changes in tax policy, rules relating to organization. >> governor spitzer, good to have you with us on "the ed show" tonight. come back. >> i. >> thank you so much. >>> up next, the south wants the federal government to stop meddlin
ensued, and even "the london daily mail" dove into this one prompting white house press secretary jay carney to have to enter the fray last night. quote, to those chasing "the mail" online scoop about alleged obama library parking lot, stand down. the report is false. shocking, i know. still, fox news used -- actually asked viewers to weigh in this morning. >> what do you think about this story? should that happen or should it become a landmark? >> or should the president say if i have to steam roll ronald reagan's house to build a library, you shouldn't have a library. >> there's fox and then there's fox in the morning. the university shot down the rumor, and it hasn't even been confirmed that the presidential library will even be at the university of chicago. the university of hawaii remains a contender. >>> yesterday we found that massachusetts governor deval patrick had chosen mo cowan to fill john kerry's seat. barney frank reacted after announcing he was publicly interested. here is what he told "the hill." if i wanted to talk about feelings, i would have called oprah. barney, t
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sat down in london to have that apology conversation and it was very disruptive. very quickly, did you provide any classified or otherwise sensitive information to reporters or media consultants regarding the details of the abadibad raid? >> no, i did not, senator. >> then do you know who disclosed information that prompted the secretary of defense robert gates to advise the white house to tell people to shut up? >> you would have to ask senator gates what he was referring to because i don't know. >> in conclusion, let me just go back to the initial questions that the chair referred to. and in that, i think you might have taken her request on documents to be the documents that we've got joud instanting right now. i think she was referring to the future. i hope you take the opportunity if you haven't already to send back to the administration, it is absolutely essential that the documents of this committee has requested on benghazi be supplied before the confirmation moves forward. i realize i'm not saying you're part of it but it's absolutely essential that we get those documents befor
from london's heathrow airport to boston and new york. am track also suspending rail service in the northeast. meteorologist julie martin is tracking the storm for us. julie, where are seeing i guess the most intense snowfall right now? >> from connecticut to maine and massachusetts but really to put it in perspective, we are just getting going here. this storm just starting to wind up. in cities like boston, dealing with a slushy mess and snow right now. maine heavy snow for you. new york, just starting to turn over to snow but by the evening rush around 5:00 p.m. really going to get blasted there in new york city. heavy snow expected tonight. could pick up another eight inches to a foot and the word of caution today is get out early, get off the roads. many governors wanting you to do that very thing. here's a look at tomorrow then. still dealing with blizzard-like conditions in the cities including boston. this is a long duration of that and that's a problem with this system. storm:con for boston is a 10. that's the highest level here at the weather channel. you need cauti
and that oscar pistorius, he is one of the iconic figures in the london games this summer. a couple of months before this last summer's olympics, i was -- i got to spend almost a week with oscar at his home at the place where this horrible incident occurred. it looked like it was a very good neighborhood. oscar certainly did have guns, and he used to talk about how, you know, at night he has got no legs. he kept guns in his bedroom and he obviously worried about that. i guess the gun problem in south africa is every bit as worse as it is in this country, maybe even more so. what we know so far is that he is in custody, and that there are reports that perhaps it was valentines day already in south africa when this happened. there are reports that maybe he thought that his girlfriend was a burglar, but those reports are not coming from the police, and they're adamant about that. we do also know that shots were heard and that there have been -- the police admit -- will say there have been domestic reports -- violence reports from that address in the past. it is so incongruace to think about osca
organization. it's a body of the united nations and it's located in london, england. all the major countries -- well, practical all the countries in the world adhere to what is called the safety of life at sea treaty. which is the overriding treaty that applies to this particular situation. and the safety of life at sea treaty is the same treaty that's applicable to u.s. flag vessels and vessels from all different countries. this particular vessel happens to be flagged in the bahamas. so the bahamian maritime authority is the primary jurisdiction for investigating the accident. but since this vessel operates to and from the united states, the united states coast guard and the national transportation safety board have as substantially interested parties have jurisdiction as well. so the investigation will be conducted jointly by the bahamians and the united states officials in the body of the coast guard and the national transportation safety board. >> michael, would you assess that carnival got lucky here? that this could have been a lot worse? >> i think that the fire safety systems or the
the election himself in order to install a candidate that is loyal to him. joining me now from london is nbc's tehran bureau chief, ali arouzi. ali, thanks for doing this for us. so set the stage a little bit here. we have these two forces, but if the ayatollah is trying to essentially engineer this election, is it already a foregone conclusion who's going to win? >> good morning, chuck. well, it's not a foregone conclusion. there's no doubt that the supreme leader, ayatollah kmany wants a safe pair of hands. it's been a bumpy ride and it hasn't panned out the way he wants it. he usually gets his way, but things are bit different these days. ahmadinejad has been sidelined, slightly, but he's not a man to back down without a fight. he's been consistently controversial over the years, and he's come out swinging. he's thereunder to expose senior members of the regime due to mass corruption. he said that the forces within their regime want to engineer the next elections, ironic coming from him. and he won't back down from his choice of president. his chief of staff, who's also father-in-law to a
there which we all saw this summer in london here at the paralympic games and 2.7 million tickets were sold for the event. but, you know, it -- we're never going to get away from the fact that this is going to be -- it does have, you know, strains of what happened with o.j. simpson. it's a murder trial like no other at the moment. and not a bail trial. it's a bail hearing and feels like a murder trial. the summation today, the two-hour summation from chief magistrate desmond niyer just incredible. i don't know if you were watching or listening live. it was just -- he vacillated early on and you thought that, you know, it was cut and dry and he was going to give bail to pistorius and then swung the other way for the prosecution. it was quite extraordinary. >> gareth, i'm wondering, has there been any backlash from the paralympic community? anyone coming out publicly to say, you know, that the damage that this has done is, you know, has been hugely impactful or, you know, obviously negatively. has there been any reaction aside from the international paralympic community president? >> yes, the
skull reconstruction surgery in london over the weekend. >> i can also walk a little bit, i can talk and i'm feeling better and it doesn't seem that i had a very big operation. my mission is the same, to help people and i will do that. >> she also announced the malala fund, supporting her campaign for the right to education for children around the world. >>> here's a good reason for people to stay home from work when they're sick. your sick co-workers' germs spread to half of the most commonly touched surfaces in the office. you didn't want to hear that. that was after about four hours, according to a new study by the university of arizona. the germs were spread to 70% of surfaces by the end of the day. >>> a super windfall for new orleans. mandy drury is here with what's moving your money. they're tallying up the numbers but looks like a big windfall. >> this city has obviously been really hoping for a big economic boost from the super bowl although the power outage may not help its reputation going forward. nonetheless, tallying up the numbers, we're not completely tallied up yet,
of government. and the times of london picked up on this piece. a new plan for the eu. the big international news is that the president announced 34,000 troops in afghanistan will come home in a year. >> tonight i can announce that over the next year, another 34,000 american troops will come home from afghanistan. this drawdown will continue and by the end of next year or war in afghanistan will be over. [ applause ] >> i want to bring in richard engel. welcome to both of you. >> nice to be here. again, second in a row. >> let's talk about foreign affairs that had been telegraphed by the white house. he talked about afghanistan, a very brief mention of the middle east. what kind of reaction are you hearing across this part of the world? >> not a great reaction. not much reaction at all. he barely mentioned the middle east. i think people in the middle east had been look iing for a little bit more u.s. leadership on syria. and there's a recognition in the region that syria is a black hole that could suck the other countries into. it. and all the president said was, we continue to oppose assad
friend. >> thank you. >>> one of the feel good stories of the 2012 london olympics is adding a bizarre chapter. there was a shooting at the home of oscar pistorius known as the blade runner. all police say so far is that a 26-year-old has been charged with the murder of pistorius' girlfriend who was found shot to death inside the runner's home. now, pistorius was the first amputee to compete on the track at an able-bodied olympic games. . and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious! to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's is ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at devry.edu. ♪ i love the fact that quicken loans provides va loans. quicken loans understood the details and gu
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of london to pull into a port around the world and nobody is letting them in. at the end of their own presidential elections in june where they have their own internal strife like our presidential elections where things don't happen until after the election, you will see them with more, i think more effort coming to negotiations with the united states. i can't tell you we are going to be successful. >> tell me what you think is more likely, holding direct talks with iran or a direct military strike on iran's new class? >> you are kind of asking me sort of like when i proposed to my wife. i thought she was going to say yes, but she said no. i kept at it. >> okay. >> we persisted. something came about. i think it's more likely it will be successful. i can tell you with assurance this, alex. militaries can stop the problem. we can't fix them. the best military assessment, if we were to strike iran and we should never take the military option off the table if we consider the benefits are worth the cost, we could, at best, slow the program for four years. it would take hundreds upon hundre
in south africa for his performance in this summer's london games where he was the first-ever double amputee to compete. >>> the "usa today," in order to keep up with quotas, more immigrants convicted of only minor crimes were deported from the country last year. the paper says the obama administration has tried to emphasize removing dangerous criminals, not minor offenders. but critics say this policy shows they are now including people with offenses like minor traffic violations to make their numbers. >>> and on the cover of this week's "parade" magazine, the secrets to having a happy family. check that out. >> i like it. >> with us now, the chief white house correspondent for "politico," mike allen with a look at the "playbook." hi, mike. >> and happy friday. >> there it is. happy friday. yesterday at this time we were talking about elizabeth warren keeping a low profile. this morning you go to the other end of the spectrum for freshmen senators looking at ted cruz of texas and how he hit the halls of capitol hill running. >> that's right, willie. and ted cruz of texas has taken t
: diamonds like those sold here on london's bond streets are a tempting target for thieves. they're small and easy to carrier waugh. in 2009 two men stole diamonds of $65 million worth. >> reporter: in 1978, the legendary heist at jfk airport. made famous in the movie goodfell goodfellas. >> and these are the guys that jimmy putting together for what turned out to be the biggest heist in american history. >> just last year a london mall was hit by thooefz on motorcycles. police in belgium will be looking for them in their security videos. >> that was nbc's keer simns reporting. as you point out, richard, it looks like it was not a random act. >> i think it was ben affleck with his new movie. it wasn't a heist at all. >> that's an incredibly story. one other thing on the topic of movies. espn -- i was at a luncheon yesterday, the people who did thirty for thirty, those great documentary movies now doing nine for nine women's stories, great stories for everyone. my sister worked at espn is working on the project, but i was so taken by some of the films that starts this summer. katarina vitt
francisco, so i will say that. >> san francisco, san francisco. you are from london. i know you did not grow up perhaps as a football fan. >> a different kind of football. >> that's right. they call it rugby. >> the real football. here is the thing. i'm a big ports chick. so in other words, do i understand the game, no? but when it came to the super bowl, i'm all in, i'm nice in the kitchen, i will be doing stuff in the kitchen and then i think i'm going for the 49ers. >> you think? >> don't ask me why, because i cannot give you a good explanation. but i think the big kfrgds will be beyonce's half time performance. >> we know one thing, she will be singing it. >> and godaddy.com's ad will be the most talked about. >> and the two brothers that were coaches, i want to see how dinner goes in their house. >> we have on go. my corporate bosses are speaking, esther, sure to be a great game either way. we enjoyed having you. have to come back, we have to get you back here. we will see you back here tomorrow. 3:00 eastern, i will talk to form former texas senator, and al sharpton will join me. chuck
or the london interbank offered rate to eliminate their own trading position. the rate is use to set the benchmark on hundreds of trillions of dollars of loans worldwide. in many cases, traders bumped up the rate to line their own pockets, meaning your mortgage payments may have been bumped up, as well. u.s. officials are seeking a guilty plea from rbs on criminal charges in addition to a fine of possibly $785 million. ubs has already been fined $1.5 billion. what should you know for the week to come? right now, there is an organized campaign from a who's who list of prominent powerful politicians to do everything in their power to stop the horrifying possibility of a college holding a panel discussion of a controversial issue. no, really. you should know a group of brooklyn college students organized an event to discuss the boycott sanctions movement, an attempt by active ifrts around the world to end its settlements through boycotts and investments. modelled on those is south africa apartheid. a whole lot of people find the comparison to south africa offense of. i myself genuinely
university and were on their way back to pennsylvania when it happened. >>> and a bizarre story out of london today. police there tasered a knife-wielding man outside buckingham palace this morning. it happened in front of a large group of tourists during the changing of the guard ceremony there. that man is now in police custody. >>> two hours and counting before the big game kicks off at the superdome. more than a hundred million people are expected to watch the game on television. it is also for the first time being streamed free online starting at 6:00. nbc's janet shamlian is joining us again from the big easy. the saints aren't marching into the superdome, but it's still one big party in new orleans. how are they getting geared up for the big game? >> reporter: it is a big party. i was inside the superdome and there are almost as many saints jerseys in there today as 49er and ravens. so a lot of folks in new orleans seem to have gotten their hands on the elusive tickets and showing their saints spirit. in terms of super bowls, this is a tenth one new orleans has hosted, so they're no st
from london that were canceled as a result of the storm that was on its way here. people who had been trying to get here from other places, they weren't making it, either, because the airport was shut down. want to tell you one bit of good news we just saw on our monitor here that a flight from nashville has arrived. and so that's good news in terms of things starting to pick up. there are a couple of other flights that are still trying to go south and west of here. but word on the board now is that they're delayed. somebody might say oh, boy, that's bad news. but in a line where everything had been canceled, it is pretty good news to hear something's delayed. maybe they're going to get themselves up and going at some point before the afternoon is over. nowhere near normal here at the airport, alex. but it is getting better. >> okay. well, we like the positive spin at the end there, thank you very much, nbc's rehema ellis. >>> right now for 40,000 people in connecticut are still without power in hartford 22 inches of snow have accumulated. that's the second highest total ever. joining
in london had a short while ago about 7:30 local time there, we're told. he will visit ten countries in europe and the middle east. >>> and with just five days now until the massive budget cuts known inside the beltway as the sequester could take effect, members of both parties are ratcheting up the rhetoric and pointing fingers. members of congress are slowly making their way back to d.c. from this country and governors across the country are already there from the national governorees association conference and with the sequester looming they are not happy. joining me now from the white house, nbc's peter alexander, our white house correspondent. peter, how seriously is the president taking the gripes of the governors at this point? >> reporter: i think he takes it very seriously, craig, and i think the white house has made it clear saying this is on the backs of republicans right now to act. republicans say they have acted, and they are putting it back at the president saying he's the one who needs to lead right now, but with these governors in town, many of them coming here to th
and then there's the socially intense jobs in london and paris. and this horse race that's going on right now we're watching. >> i want the latter. >> no doubt. >> it's nicer. >> and i can fly back and forth. fantastic. >> all right. the new february issue of "town & country" as my mother to say with the cover story of the top 50 bachelors is on the newsstands now. thank you. >> thank you. >>> from grabby polar bears to the trip to the dubliner, the month in review straight ahead. >>> and beyonce tries to quiet her critics with an impromptu performance. we'll be right back. >> look at that bear. the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash, but i have an idea. do you want a princess dress? yes. cupcakes? yes. do you want an etch-a-sketch? yes! do you want 50% more cash? no. you got talent. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. what's in your wallet? i usual
. >> this is in "the telegraph"? >> "the london sunday telegraph." >> very nice. in response to all the talk about lance armstrong, mark has written this, in part. "i think we've got it all wrong. athletes and entertainers aren't heroes. they are mere mortals with talent and skbigs. in a hyper-competitive world, they are driven to almost always bend the rules in the pursuit of all that fame brings with it. and then when they achieve fame, they think they are no longer subject to the boundaries that apply to the rest of society. the lesson we should pass along to our children is that the real measure of heroism should be the deeds we do when no one is watching. it's the things we do for others without any expectation of compensation, recognition, or reward. it's the small, quiet footprints we leave behind." it is kind of hard to take in the lance armstrong story. i don't get him. i feel like maybe there's part of him that we've misunderstood, but he does come off as a complete jerk in this whole thing. >> that's part of what i'm writing about. i think the incentive structure for people to achieve i
lived in london. a true limey, a lot of gold chains and cologne and hair, and he could edit under the worst conditions and at the end of the day say to me, hello, darling, are you doing okay. and we lost him overnight. it's one of those people you never see, but was critically important to the success we had in wars and revolutions and the release of mandela. wherever big news was breaking at around the world, i would be comforted by derek and his white slippers coming through the, ready to et did. amazing guy. and he played the horses a lot and he always believed he was going to win the lottery. he won the lottery with his wife, but that came to an end last night, unfortunately. >> oh, tom brokaw, thank you so much. >>> new polling suggests that the republican party is facing an uphill battle with the american public. but the problem, is it the message or the messenger? "morning joe" back in a moment. as your life changes, fidelity is there for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your inves
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